How to submit a project to the Water Map?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Add your project” button above the search bar

Water Projects Page_for SOP.png

3. Fill in the form . . .

A. Project name – please provide a title for your project or submission

B. Description – a few sentences about your project

C. Contact person and email address must be completed, but you can choose if you want these publicly accessible in the form

D. Project website url – if you have one, please fill this in, but this is not mandatory

E. Type - this is the type of project you are undertaking – you can also enter another type – the type of project helps users search more quickly

F. Aim – this is the aim of your project – if an available drop down does not fit your project aims, please add one that is appropriate by using “other”

G. Click on the map where your project is located – if there are multiple locations choose one that is most appropriate or fill in a form for each location – once you drop a pin on the form, and submit it, the GPS coordinates will be saved in our database

H. Upload – you can upload an image that represents your project here – or your own photo/image related to your water story . . .we are in the process of further developing this map so that other file formats are accepted

4. Hit the submit button . . .