Water Source Submission

Do you have a favorite water source? Or maybe a concern about your water source that you want to share? Maybe you have a childhood memory of a favorite water source?

Let us know about the water sources you engaged with. Locate them on the map and tell us about these places; maybe you want to also submit a photo of you at the water, or of the water alone.

If you are interested in being involved further in research around water sources, then you can also send the questions below to futurewater@uct.ac.za with Water Museum: water source in the subject line.

wetland_elina kansikas.png

Please describe this water source in your own words:

You might also want to answer some (or all) of these questions

How close to your home is this water source?

What is around this source? [For example, plants, animals, homes, businesses, industry?]

Why is this water source important to you?

What does this water sample represent for you? And for your family or loved ones?

What do you use this water for? [For example, Drinking? Bathing? Economic or livelihood related activities? (if yes, please explain) Watering plants or flowers? Anything else?]

How did you learn about this water source?

Who else makes use of this water source?

If a collection point (river, dam, tap), do you know anyone else who collects water here? If so, who are they? How are they connected, if at all, to you?

What is your perception of the quality of this water source?

Do you have any concerns about the water collected here? If so, what are they?

What do you think are the benefits of this water source?

Do you know others who use this water source? What do they use this water for?

Are there any questions about these water sources and uses that you think I should ask more about? Or that you want to know more about?