Guidelines, policies and manuals

The following resources are available to support implementation of WSUD in South Africa.

South African Guidelines:

City of Cape Town

eThekwini Municipality

City of Johannesburg


Manuals / Guidelines

  1. The SuDS Manual -SuDS
  2. Georgia Stormwater Manual -SuDS
  3. Melbourne WSUD Guidelines – SuDS/WSUD
  4. SWITCH Guidelines – SuDS/WSUD

American case studies

  1. City of Chicago : City Hall Rooftop Garden
  2. Lansing : Michigan Avenue Rain gardens
  3. Water Environmental Research Foundation : Case Studies
  4. Smart Growth / Smart Energy Toolkit
  5. Portland Case Studies : Green Streets, Ecoroof, Commercial/Institutional/Multi family residential property/Pervious Pavements
  6. USEPA Green Infrastructure Website : Case studies
  7. Urban Design Tools : Design Examples

Australian Case Studies

  1. “Rob’s Ramblings” : Household scale initiatives
  2. SD Environmental Management

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