Guidelines, policies and manuals

The following resources are available to support implementation of WSUD in South Africa.

South African SuDS/WSUD Guidelines:

South African National Guidelines

City of Cape Town Stormwater Policies

eThekwini Municipality

City of Johannesburg


The following manuals are considered useful for furthering your knowledge about WSUD, specifically SuDS. Should you find a link out of order please notify us.
Manuals / Guidelines

  1. The SuDS Manual -SuDS
  2. Georgia Stormwater Manual -SuDS
  3. Melbourne WSUD Guidelines – SuDS/WSUD
  4. SWITCH Guidelines – SuDS/WSUD

American case studies

  1. City of Chicago : City Hall Rooftop Garden
  2. Lansing : Michigan Avenue Rain gardens
  3. Water Environmental Research Foundation : Case Studies
  4. Smart Growth / Smart Energy Toolkit
  5. Portland Case Studies : Green Streets, Ecoroof, Commercial/Institutional/Multi family residential property/Pervious Pavements
  6. USEPA Green Infrastructure Website : Case studies
  7. Urban Design Tools : Design Examples

Australian Case Studies

  1. “Rob’s Ramblings” : Household scale initiatives
  2. SD Environmental Management

Please note: We attempt to keep all links updated, should you find a link that is out of date please leave a comment, or send us a comment and we will fix it as soon a possible.