South African guidelines and policies

South African guidelines for WSUD

The framework and guidelines for Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) for South Africa are aimed at providing strategic guidance to urban water management decisionmakers on the use of WSUD in a South African context.

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WSUD: Securing water in urban settlements

This publication is compiled from the Framework and Guidelines for WSUD for South Africa document. It is written primarily for councillors, city managers and other local authority officials, as well as national government policy developers and legislators.

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Challenges and opportunities for implementing WSD in South Africa

A compilation of several research projects undertaken in an attempt to start ‘building a case’ for the implementation of WSD on a broad scale in South Africa – in recognition of the fact that a new approach to the management of water is required.

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The Neighbourhood Planning and Design Guide (The Red Book)

This document indicates the qualities that should be sought in South African settlements, and provides practical guidance on how these qualities can be achieved. It is intended to be educative, providing ideas and useful information, and is not a substitute for innovative planning and engineering practice.

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Municipality policies

Policy, strategy, standards and guideline documents from South African metropolitan municipalities.

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SuDS report and South African case studies (2013)

Summary reviews of select South African SuDS case studies

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The South African Guidelines for Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

The South African SuDS Guidelines compiled by summarising the key material from international SuDS to highlight potential opportunities for better stormwater management. They are adapted to South African contexts and are relevant to all professionals working with stormwater.

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National Water Act, 1998

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