Water museum

The Cape Town Museum of Watery Relations and Uses

This project engages citizens of South Africa (especially those in Cape Town) with the aim of collaboratively developing an online interactive map of the various water samples/stories submitted to begin to develop an understanding of local water users and their perceptions of their water sources.

Water drops kids photo.png

The map provides an interactive space, where:

  1. individuals can input your own water sources, and related stories, images, or efforts;
  2. groups and organizations linked to water can share their projects and network with others;
  3. researchers and funders can begin to understand the water-use and watery engagements landscape; and
  4. we can all come together around the vital resource of water, to better understand our watery needs, relations and uses.

You can learn more about how to get involved in the project, or the academic aims, or you can just visit the map and start exploring.

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